About the Galveston Bay Foundation


The Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF) focuses on four main program areas: advocacy, conservation, education, and research. All areas strive to ensure the Bay remains a beautiful and productive place for generations to come. One of GBF's greatest abilities is working with all users of the Bay. This has allowed GBF to form a strong collaboration with citizens, communities, and other partners working on behalf of a healthy Bay.

For more information about the Galveston Bay Foundation, visit our website at www.galvbay.org

In 2015, with your support, we:

  • Created, restored, and enhanced approximately 50 acres of freshwater wetlands and prairie habitat at Rich Sanctuary
  • Coordinated our annual Trash Bash event with 803 volunteers collecting an estimated 3.4 tons of trash, recyclables, and compostable materials as well as 53 tires from the Armand Bayou watershed
  • Debuted the Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN) pollution reporting tool that allows the public to report incidences of pollution around the Bay and automatically forward those reports to authorities
  • Engaged 1,949 students at 22 schools through the Get Hip to Habitat environmental education program
  • Reclaimed an estimated 156 tons of oyster shells from restaurants around the Bay area and created over 230 feet of oyster bar breakwaters with the recycled shells
  • Permanently protected more than 1,700 acres of high quality coastal wetland and prairie habitat known as Gordy Marsh in Chambers County
  • Published the inaugural Galveston Bay Report Card, in which the Bay earned an overall grade of "C", to track the health of the Bay through 19 key indicators





The Galveston Bay Foundation is a four star charity on Charity Navigator!

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