Bike Around the Bay 2019

Team Sun & Ski

Less than 2 months away for this epic ride! Join us for Bike Around the Bay, a fully supported two-day, 170-mile cycling event sponsored by Shell benefiting the Galveston Bay Foundation in an effort to showcase the natural beauty of Galveston Bay and raise awareness of the need the protect it.
 Sign-up to be on #TeamSunAndSki:
The weather will be cooling down soon (not soon enough for some) so continue you training. 
We have raised almost $2500.00 for The Galveston Bay Foundation. Keep up the good work. Make sure you both acknowledge the donations and thank those that have helped you to reach your goal. Send an email, send a text, send a thank you card or my all-time favorite if you can, give them a phone call and personally thank them for the donation.

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